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Essential Car User Review

Many of you may be aware that the start of a new year means that we will be carrying out the Essential Car User Review. This means that we will be reviewing your last year’s mileage to determine eligibility for the Essential Car User Allowance.

Managers - We will be starting to send Emails to all Managers/Team Leaders during April 18 in preparation for the new financial year so please look out for these as you will need to respond.

As I’m sure you can imagine this is a difficult and time-consuming task so your cooperation and timely response will be greatly appreciated.

Could everyone please make sure all mileage is entered and approved in a timely manner; claims must be submitted by April 5th 2018 latest on ePay and for those on paper claims by April 1st to SBS.  If mileage is not up to date it may mean that we are unable to accurately assess your mileage and payments that you are due to could be stopped.

If you have any questions in relation to the review please do not hesitate to contact Quality and Business Services at or 01246 253 077 Option 3 followed by option 2.