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Heatwave briefing note

Considering the hot weather we have been experiencing recently, make sure you and your patients stay safe with this briefing on the Department of Health national heatwave plan.

Advice for staying safe during the hot weather

It is important for us to raise awareness and monitor the impact of hot weather on children, older people and those with long-term conditions. For example, elderly patients in particular may be more at risk of falls, UTIs and pressure ulcers if they become dehydrated. The simple advice above will help ensure our patients can enjoy the hot weather but without suffering adverse effects.

Uniforms in Hot Weather (staff doing home visits only)

When a heatwave is identified locally (level 3 & 4 alert for the East Midlands area) and following confirmation by the General Manager, staff undertaking home visits are permitted to wear 3/4 length black trousers and a white polo shirt. This uniform is to be worn ONLY by staff undertaking home visits and ONLY for the identified heatwave period. This may be just a few days in duration and therefore will not be issued as standard uniform but an option if staff choose. This is detailed within the Uniform & Dress Code Policy.