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Ceremonial opening for Ripley Hospital’s new blood testing (phlebotomy) unit

A new extension at Ripley Hospital to create much improved facilities for patients coming in for blood tests (phlebotomy) was opened officially on Friday 20 April 2018.

The celebrations were hosted jointly by Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust, which runs the hospital site, and the hospital’s dedicated League of Friends, a registered charity, whose generous support has fully funded the £215,000 project.

Dignitaries from the Ripley community were invited to share the celebrations and tour the new facilities, which offer a designated waiting area for patients arriving for blood tests, as well as improved facilities for blood testing.

Among the guests were many long-serving League of Friends members as well as MP for Amber Valley Nigel Mills, Mayor of Amber Valley David Wilson, Mayor of Ripley Town Sheila Emmas-Williams and fundraising sixth-formers from The Ripley Academy.

John Briggs, honorary treasurer of Ripley Hospital League of Friends, welcomed guests and expressed gratitude for the strong support of the local community towards the hospital and the league. He said: “Few hospitals can boast stronger public interest and support than has existed for Ripley Hospital from its early years, right up to the present day. We are proud to acknowledge in a tangible way that loyal support from the local community, people, businesses and organisations. Without your continued commitment, support and generosity, projects like this would not be possible.”

Chris Sands, deputy chief executive of Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust, said: “These new facilities make a visit for a blood test much more comfortable for patients. It is a vast improvement on what we could offer before and we are very grateful to the League of Friends for making this possible.”

Phyllis Holmes, chair of the League of Friends, paid tribute to league members who give their time freely to support the hospital and run the tea bar. She also paid tribute to many in the local community who support the league with donations and fundraising. She said: “The Ripley Hospital League of Friends is proud to continue supporting this hospital and staff and those within the community who visit the hospital.”

Special thanks were extended to Mick Bell, a former member of the League of Friends, for funding a third phlebotomy chair.

The building project at the hospital site started in October 2017 and was completed in February 2018. Previously, patients waiting for blood tests often had to stand queuing along a hospital corridor for lengthy periods at busy times. The service is provided by phlebotomists from the Royal Derby Hospital.

The League of Friends is a registered charity supporting the hospital with fundraising, hosting events and running the tea bar to enhance patient care. Since 2000 the League has invested nearly £2 million in Ripley Hospital, covering multiple projects, big and small.                                                                                                                                                                                  

The new extension is positioned in a former courtyard area, beside the minor injury unit, and includes a purpose-built clinical room with three patient phlebotomy chairs plus additional waiting area space for patients to wait in comfort.