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ICS community nursing and domiciliary podiatry working together

ICS community nursing and domiciliary podiatry have been working together to improve arrangements and communication for the estimated 17K patients in the County who receive care from both services.



We have:

-  introduced a much improved (quicker and auto completing where possible) document for those cases where a community nurse wishes to request a visit to a patient we can see on TPP is not currently known to Podiatry.  The new letter fills in the demographic information from the existing record so Podiatry can easily register on their TPP unit as well as allowing the clinician to provide more free text information for appropriate triage to occur. This is an interim solution pending full e-referral.


- introduced a speedier and safer method for each service to request care for those patients who are already registered on each other’s units – by the use of TPP/S1 tasks . This is currently for all County teams; the City will come on stream in due course once further groundwork has been completed.


Guide to 'tasking' for Podiatry staff - please look at this to find out more about how you make use of the tasking function in TPP/S1