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Derbyshire Breastfeeding Welcome Award Scheme


As part of the DCHS Big 9 (2018-19) we want to increase awareness of the benefits of breastfeeding across all of our premises. We want all of our sites to sign up to the Derbyshire Breastfeeding Welcome Award Scheme. The scheme is FREE to join and we are aiming to have 40 sites registered by March 2019.



By signing up to the scheme we will ensure breastfeeding mothers are well supported when accessing our services and that they will feel comfortable and at ease when feeding their babies.


How to sign up to the Breastfeeding Welcome Award Scheme

  • Visit the website for more information here

  • Complete a simple criteria checklist to sign up here

We’ve registered, what happens next?

After signing up to the scheme online, you will receive information from DCC which will include a window sticker for your service to display.  Please ensure the stickers are clearly displayed in your areas to promote breastfeeding friendly environments to our service users.


Advice and Support Offered

We are in the process of developing a short video that your teams will be able to use to raise awareness around the importance of breastfeeding and how to support breastfeeding mothers. This will include tips on how to make breastfeeding mothers feel comfortable, encouraging breastfeeding as well as signposting information to other support services.  This video will be circulated soon!


The Infant Feeding Specialist and Project Lead, Jo Glossop will also be making arrangements to attend Divisional Governance Meetings and the Matrons Meeting to discuss Breastfeeding with colleagues across DCHS and to raise awareness around this important topic.


If you would like any more information about the project please do not hesitate to contact Jo by emailing: