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Staff slips/trips and falls - stay safe when you are at work

Staff Slips/trips/falls

Slips/trips/falls are still one of our highest staff injury occurrences and we need to remind all staff to Stay Safe when you are at work.

Please remember:

  • Shoes worn at work must be of a suitable stout nature and if you are provided with safety shoes for your area of work they must be worn at all times whilst on duty. A number of incidents occur during winter when there is snow and ice. If you are a community staff member use your snow grips, and if you don’t have any please contact the Health and Safety Team by email on who keep a supply.
  • Office type chairs on vinyl flooring must always have ‘brake unloaded’ type castors to ensure the chair does not move away when sitting down.
  • Take care when carrying equipment that you stay aware of any potential slip/trip hazards in your environment.
  • Don’t leave bags, trailing cables or equipment out where they can be tripped over.
  • Report lights that are not working to the Estates Dept., or Site maintenance/Reception as this enables everyone to see steps, stairs and pathways clearly.
  • Don’t walk over wet flooring, and ensure wet floor signs are put in place appropriately prior to mopping and removed when the flooring is dry.
  • Don’t overreach when standing on stools or step ladders.

Lastly ...

If you see a spillage sort it, and if you can’t sort it report it to someone who can deal with it, We all have a responsibility for health and safety and we want all of our staff, patients, visitors, contractors and members of the public to go home safely at the end of each and every day.