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Inclusion and Fairness @ DCHS

We are celebrating and launching our new approach to ‘Inclusion & Fairness @ DCHS’. Our goal is to put inclusion and fairness at the heart of everything we do and ensure that each and every one of us should be able to relate or ‘see themselves’ in the different sections of our new inclusion wheel.


What does inclusion and fairness mean for you:

  •  Every individual matters and is of equal value. It’s a priority for all of us to understand our personal role in creating a welcoming environment where everyone can be themselves and be the best they can be. We all benefit from diversity in the end, as we are richer as a result of our uniqueness, the commonalities and differences that we all bring
  • It’s about valuing all peoples’ individual experiences, recognising their needs, and helping to improve their experience
  • It’s also about our attitude and being more inclusive and interacting effectively with all types of different people. We need to share good practice and value individuals, their talents and their gifts.  

    We are committed to actively recognising inclusion and fairness across the organisation and Harinder Dhaliwal, head of equality, diversity & inclusion, will be out and about this week talking with staff and sharing our inclusion wheel. 

Every Individual is important and of equal value. We want everyone to feel included,  valued and have a sense of belonging. We want to be a fair and an unbiased organisation, where everyone can be themselves, accept and values our differences and commonalities that bind us all as human beings. Practicing inclusion and fairness every day requires self-awareness and courage and willingness to uncover unconscious biases we all have. By working with people from different backgrounds and experiences and working styles, we learn, grow and get a different perspective. Diverse views make for better decisions and therefore drives a high performance and inclusive culture. There is a body of research that indicates that  when employees feel part of a supportive workplace (no matter the group), they are far more engaged, productive and satisfied”.  Harinder Dhaliwal, Head of ED & I



Becoming a truly inclusive employer and service provider will enable us to realise our aspiration to making it a great place to be cared for and great places to work for all. We have been on an insightful  journey so far, which has enabled us to take stock of our current position, and to agree a new strategic approach recognising that embedding inclusion and fairness good practice in all that we do as an organisation is fundamental to us achieving our quality business, quality service and quality people objectives into ‘The DCHS Way’.