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Aspiring to Be (A2B) new leaders programme has launched

The Aspiring to Be (A2B) new leaders programme was launched on 15 May at the Lea Green Centre, Matlock.

The 18 successful applicants met each other for the first time and spent the day getting to know each other through a series of team building exercises in the grounds of the venue. They also took time out to reflect on their own behaviours and feed back to their peers on what they had observed about them during the day.


This was the first of the monthly workshops that will form part of their development programme, which will also include workshadowing, coaching, action learning sets etc.

In order to secure a place the candidates had to go through a selection process that included a sponsored application, assessment centre and 360 review. They were in stiff competition from other talented applicants from around the Trust so were delighted to secure this opportunity.

Here is some of the feedback they shared following the launch.

Louise Pickering - 'Excellent introduction to the A2B Course! Great environment in which to meet other successful candidates. Lea Green staff encouraged and engaged with all enthusiastic aspiring leaders, bringing us together to help us as we embark on our individual journeys.'