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Electronic referrals to the Continence Service

In all instances the referrer must add their name & work mobile number into the main text box when referring in case further information is required.

Please ensure when completing the e-referral template, you don't put the bulk of referral information in the ‘referral summary’ box. We need to copy referral information for the nurse / team allocation and anything in this box cannot be copied. If referrers can just put ‘see below’ in this box & then everything else in the large free text box at the bottom of the template.

Please put as much information as possible regarding the reason(s) for referral i.e. symptoms and problems being experienced

The main reason for rejection is if someone is ‘End of Life’.  If ‘no promotion of continence’ is to be had, an assessment is not necessary, just a supply of suitable products to keep the patient as comfortable as possible.

In this instance we ask for a ‘Letter of Need’ to be e-mailed to our service e-mail address; E:  (we no longer have a fax machine) detailing which products would be most beneficial to the patient’s circumstances & we will arrange a delivery, usually within 3-4 working days.

All referrals that are rejected have the reason for rejection typed into the returning task, so the referrer will be given an explanation.

We also receive queries that come through in an electronic referral format, where the referrer just wants some clinical advice about a specific patient. This is inappropriate use of the e-referral process if the patient does not require referral for assessment. These enquiries are assigned to a B6 nurse to answer & again they will reject as it shouldn’t be in a referral format, but again, typed into the text box will be an answer to their query.

Thank you!

Please contact Michelle Phillips (Continence Advisory Service Co-ordinator) for more information.
E:  Mobile: 07342082178      Tel: 01773 546868