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Updated Uniform and Dress Code Policy

We have made some revisions and additions to our uniform and dress code policy, please see the document on sharepoint to see if the changes affect you or your staff in any way.

You can access the policy library by clicking here

I’ve copied the updated summer uniform section from the uniform policy below:
Summer Uniform:
During the months of 1st May – 30th September inclusive, staff working within appropriate  clinical services are permitted to wear 3/4 length trousers/ knee length tailored shorts (in the same colour scheme as their standard uniform) and polo shirt ( in the same colour scheme as their standard uniform) for the duration of the period only. Line managers should consider completing a risk assessment where appropriate, as in some areas this may identify that there is a potential increased risk to staff due to the wearing of shorts e.g. physical injury when undertaking restraint techniques.
It is recognised that tattoos and other body decorations have become prevalent in society and are down to personal choice. However, where tattoos contain nudity, swear words and symbols which may be considered offensive to others, staff will be asked to cover them up with a waterproof dressing purchased and supplied at their own cost.  The wearing of summer uniform may expose previously concealed tattoos and consideration should be given to covering them up in line with the above. 

  • No open-toed footwear, sling back or flip flops are acceptable. Closed shoes offer protection from spills and dropped objects. Open shoes risk injury or contamination for staff (DH 2010).  Any variation must be risk assessed and agreed locally.
  • All clinical staff should adhere to the “ bare below elbows”  directive as per Infection, prevention and control guidelines.