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Further Information on ensuring your security patching

As you will know, In response to requests from users and to improve computer security patching levels across the Trust, a number of small changes were made to the process from 1st June. 

By way of a reminder:

  • Your computer will tell you when it is being patched. Please do not reboot or turn off your computer while this is taking place. 
  • Your computer will tell you when the patching is complete. Please reboot your computer when the patching is complete.
  • Your computer must be connected to the Trust network every 30 days.  If your device is not connected within 45 days it will lock you out.  Your computer will warn you in advance of lock out. Please connect your device to the Trust network regularly.
  • Patching requires your computer to reboot so please do not leave computers on overnight unless they need to be left on for other specific reasons.
  • Your computer will patch over DCHS wifi or via the network cables.  However, network cables are more effective so cable your device when you can.
  • Your laptop computer  will not patch on your home network or via remote access so please bring your laptop into the office regularly, and preferably weekly.


Thank you for your help.

DCHS Informatics