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Who are the Wider Workforce Team?

The Wider Workforce team has been developed to meet the Talent for Care aims to help people Get Ready, Get In, Get On and Go Further in their careers in the NHS

Tracey Nock - Wider Workforce Manager
Lauren Adkin - Wider Workforce Co-ordinator

From raising awareness of careers in health for young people and those wishing to join the NHS workforce, to supporting individuals to develop in their long-term career including with relevant qualifications, the Wider Workforce team works to provide a framework for staff at all levels while also retaining a particular emphasis on improving opportunities for the support workforce. 

With a focus on diversity, inclusion and widening participation from disadvantaged or underrepresented groups, the Wider Workforce team supports the Trust with their workforce supply through programmes such as schools engagement, volunteering, work.

  • Get In - opportunities for people to start their career in a support role
  • Get On - support people to be the best they can be in the job they do
  • Go Further - provide opportunities for career progression, including into registered professions.

In light of recent government policy changes, the scope of the Wider Workforce team has extended to staff at all levels, particularly with the introduction of higher and degree apprenticeships, while also retaining its emphasis on opportunities for the support workforce. experience, pre-employment activity, apprenticeships and access to higher education and the registered professions.



Apprenticeships provide you with a fantastic blended learning and development opportunity within DCHS and Derbyshire Healthcare all apprenticeships include elements of on the job and off the job training leading to industry and organisational recognised standards and qualifications. Providing

Apprenticeships are available to anyone over the age of 16 living in England, the National Apprenticeship service is committed to ensuring that high quality apprenticeships are a prestigious option, accessible to all people from all backgrounds .


All national apprenticeship vacancies are available here - These will clearly state the requirements of the job role being advertised.  There will be different entry requirements dependent upon the apprenticeship and job role.  As a disability confident employer we will offer an interview to any applicant who that  declares they have a disability and meets the minimum criteria as defined by the employer.  The minimum duration of each apprenticeship is based upon the apprentice working 30 hours per week or more including any off the job training they are undertaking.


Please review the additional attachments for further information and guidance on off the job activity, links to available apprenticeships, apprenticeship vacancies, and expression of interest form to register your interest.


With over 350 roles within health and care, there is a wide range of clinical and non-clinical apprenticeships available, some of which are shown below:


Level 2 Customer Services Practitioner Apprenticeship Standard    and   CSP Training Plan


Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship Standard    and   BA Training Plan


To express an interest in an apprenticeship please complete this form - Apprenticeship Expression of Interest


The following documents may also be of interest if you are considering applying for or supporting an apprentice




Information and Advice Sessions

Information Advice and Guidance on Apprenticeships CPD opportunities & Career Pathways  

20th May

10am - 12pm
3pm - 4pm

Post Mill Centre, South Normanton
24th June

10am - 12pm
3pm - 4pm

Post Mill Centre, South Normanton
22nd July

10am - 12pm
3pm - 4pm

Post Mill Centre, South Normanton
19th August

10am - 12pm
3pm - 4pm

Post Mill Centre, South Normanton
23rd September

10am - 12pm
3pm - 4pm

Post Mill Centre, South Normanton
28th October

10am - 12pm
3pm - 4pm

Post Mill Centre, South Normanton
25th November

10am - 12pm
3pm - 4pm

Post Mill Centre, South Normanton
6th January

10am - 12pm
3pm - 4pm

Post Mill Centre, South Normanton
27th January

10am - 12pm
3pm - 4pm

Post Mill Centre, South Normanton
24th February

10am - 12pm
3pm - 4pm

Post Mill Centre, South Normanton
23rd March

10am - 12pm
3pm - 4pm

Post Mill Centre, South Normanton


Need support information and guidance with your career development opportunities?

  • Contact the Wider Workforce Team to book your session

  • Find out more about new apprenticeships available

  • Open to existing/future apprentices who would like to discuss anything about their course.

  • Other dates and venues are also available

  • If you are unable to come along to these please email us and we will arrange a one to one meeting at a suitable venue.

  • Need us to attend a team meeting to discuss Apprenticeships, Continued Professional Development (CPD) or Career Pathways please get in touch.

Functional Skills

Functional Skills in English and Maths and are vital to participate in lifelong learning and work.

We offer Functional Skills Qualifications in maths and English for staff who do not hold a prior Level 2 or above qualification in the subject, for example, GCSE ‘C’ and above; depending upon an individual’s needs learners will be invited to attend taught sessions prior to taking their exam. 

Expression of Interest in Functional Skills

Functional Skills English Dates and Locations

Functional Skills Maths Dates and Locations


Distance Learning Courses

These are self-study knowledge based short courses lasting 12-16 weeks offered by Loughborough College you will be supported to undertake this opportunity – please note terms and conditions apply to free funding should you not complete within the agreed timescale.

Distance Learning Courses 18/19

Digital and IT Skills Training

As a Trust we have full funded access to the following Microsoft and IT courses via IT Skills Learning Portal  - - This can be access via any device at work or home as long as you register with an email account –The formal Level courses match the Microsoft level courses and have the same requirements. 

The can access a summary of the course content here

The times are approximate and assume no or little knowledge so can take as little as 10% of time stated.   Each module within the topic will assess your knowledge and then recommend what learning you should proceed with.  This approach means that you won’t have to spend valuable time ‘learning’ information that you already know but can focus on your gaps in knowledge.  At the end of each course you will receive a certificate.  All completions are updated into your trust learning record on a monthly basis too.

Please make sure you register with your email account or your account may be deactivated.

Below is a list of available courses - to access courses please use the link at the top of this section

  • Digital Skills for the Workplace
  • Digital Literacy for the Workplace
  • Entry Level - Win 7, Office 2010
  • Word for the Workplace
  • Office Essentials for the Workplace
  • PowerPoint for the Workplace
  • Outlook for the Workplace
  • Excel for the Workplace
  • Level 1 - Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Level 1 - Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
  • Level 1 - Microsoft Word 2010
  • Level 1 - Office 2010 Essentials
  • Level 2 - Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Level 2 - Microsoft OneNote 2010
  • Level 2 - Microsoft Outlook 2010
  • Level 2 - Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
  • Level 2 - Microsoft SharePoint 2010
  • Level 2 - Microsoft Word 2010
  • Level 3 - Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Level 3 - Microsoft Word 2010
  • LinkedIn - Social Media eLearning
  • Twitter - Social Media eLearning

Personal Development Options on ESR

Not only is eLearning available to covermandatory topics - there are also over 850 national courses available for your personal development.  These cover clinical and non clinical topics such as Leading and Managing Change, Assertiveness and the Edward Jenner Leadership course.  Not only are there a range of course but these can also be access from any device that has internet access - even a personal tablet or smartTV.  The full guide of available courses can be found here

National eLearning Catalogue

Guides on how to get the most out of ESR are below:

Accessing ESR   Understanding your Portal Page  

Learner Hompage Overview  My compliance & competency record? 

How do I enrol on training?  

Accessing a course on E-learning for the first time

How do I record external learning?   How do I view my Talent Profile? 

Updating your certification on E-learning  

How do I manage my notifications?  

Access ESR from your Personal Phone/Tablet/PC